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Performansz a Parlamentben /
Performance in Parliament
Hatalmi szóval 2.
Politikai karaoke-színház / Political karaoke-theater
Hatalmi szóval 3.
Nyilvános performansz /
Public performance
Nemzeti kipa / National kippah II. A szabadság felhasználása / Practical Issues of Freedom Nemzeti kipa / National kippah I. Profilképek / Profiles Hungarikum / Hungaricum Üzenet a kádból /
Message from the bath
Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Az ehető Én / The Edible Self EZEK / THESE Vegyes házasság /
Mixed Marriage
Private Protest / Budapest Private Protest / Buenos Aires Reklámmentes övezet /
Advertisement-Free Zone
Private Protest maganyos tuntetes
Private Protest / Buenos Aires
Private Protest - magányos tüntetés
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street actions in 4 steps

1. The idea of setting up protests in Avellaneda came from the strong tradition of protesting in Buenos Aires. I set up different types of protests, built on each other. In the first one I was protesting alone on the streets of the neighborhood, against personal things, even against myself.

2. I talked to people on the streets who became interested what I was protesting against. Many people seemed to be interested. I asked them to hold the table and think on something personal, which they would like to change in their lives but they cannot. I took photos of those people who would let me do that. However, most people didn't like the idea to be taken a photo of.

3. I collected signatures to pretend that I can convince many people to protest with me. I managed to collect a lot. I put the great amount of fake sheets in boxes. However, the call was real. You can read the call for protest here.

4. On the last day of my stay I bumped into a protest in the city (like almost every day). This one turned out to be a really big one, and also that it was among those kinds where nothing is like it seems to be. I could easily feel I did convince so many people to come to the streets, and they were all marching for me.