Protesta, Buenos Aires, April 15 – June 19, 2007

call for protest

Don't you agree that the hours of time lag between Europe and South-America is an outrage?

Let's protest and demonstrate against this inequity that separates Europe, and particularly

Hungary from Argentina, Budapest from Buenos Aires.

The 5-hour time difference makes communication between the two countries and their peoples a painful experience. This cruel joke of nature drives a wedge between communities already beset by huge geographic distances. Don't you think the two peoples could be brought closer together if this trick of time were eliminated?

Just imagine all the benefits putting an end to this wretched condition would bring! In an instant, the two cultures would become transparent and, who knows, even the linguistic barriers may disappear. People would start to understand each other and Hungarians may one day come to experience the intoxicating self-confidence of a great nation.

Let's take our destiny in our own hands, go to the street, express our disappointment and raise our voice against this imperfection of creation.

Let's protest and demonstrate against time lag.

So far 180 000 people have already signed our petition. Add your own signature and join us on the street as well!

Agnes Eperjesi

Hungarian visual artist