Ami keveredik, nem vegyül /
Mixing is no blending
Minden világos /
Everything is clear
Az ifjú EÁ. újrajátszott keservei / A rerun of young AE's lamentations Visszafordíthatatlan folyamat / Irreversible Process Egy mondat a házimunkáról /
A sentence on housework
Családi album / Family Album Önarckép szeletek /
Slices of Self portraits
Melyik az igazi? / Is He the One? Konyhatransz / Domestic Trans Szorgos kezek - tennivalók a házban és a ház körül / Busy Hands - Chores around the house Újrahasznosított képek - katalógus / Recycled pictures - catalogue Önkiszolgáló / Self Service Tele tálak / Full Plates Szorgos kezek / Busy Hands Hűtőmágnes / Magnetic stickers Semmi vész / No emergency Csempemintakatalógus / Tile Pattern Catalogue Heti étrend / Weekly Menu Előtte - utána / Before and After Csempék / Tiles Kapuőrzők / Gatekeepers Garancia végzetre II. / Expiring Destiny II. Garancia végzetre I. – Expiring Destiny I. Tényleges tartalom /
Real Content
2004 book 18 pg edition 28 both English and Hungarian with 52 sticked in C prints hand bound hand written 25 5 x 35 5 cm
Családi album / Family Album
book, 18 pg.
edition 28
both English and Hungarian
with 52 sticked-in C-prints, hand bound, hand written
25,5 x 35,5 cm
essay 1.
esszé 1.
esszé 2.
esszé 3.

This family album is a thoroughly conventional (real) one. It tracks the most poignant events of my life up to the age of eighteen. The images start with my grandparents, follow the story of my parents' acquaintance and end with my gradual detachment from them. The images are accompanied by short sentences limited to communicating a minimum of information. Most of you are likely to have a similar album in your possession.

This family album is thoroughly unconventional (fictional). This is a collection that allows me to reflect on my emotions and connections to various members of my family from a certain remove. As when perusing someone else's album, we see the faces of strangers that somehow appear familiar. As if making a discovery of our own life through that of the other. And this is exactly what happens here. Without exception, the images of this family story are packaging-material illustrations from commercial stores. I arranged a selection of these in a certain order. With the help of these images I set out to trace the story of my own life.

And most intriguingly, the paths merge. The fundamental correspondences of our lives and the images lodged in our collective subconscious refer to each other. We slide back and forth between memories of our most intimate selves and prefabricated clich̩s. This is a totally real, fictional album.