Lucy MALLOWS: A big hand for pop art, The Budapest Sun, March 23-29, 2000.

The exhibition of large blown-up photos of works of art by ̪gnes Eperjesi covers the walls of the elegant Vintage Gallery with color.

To introduce her striking, original and creative pieces of art, Eperjesi explained, "I have long been collecting the packaging from different products: Bags, wrappers and coverings which are used for presenting goods. This started around the time of the political changes, when besides more sreamlined new graphics there was still the old style design visible on the shelves of every store." She said that the collection has a significance as a history of culture and she still continues to collect packaging from everyday products.

The entire length of one side wall of the Vintage Gallery is covered by a giant work in simple, contrasting colors, which shows a headless person washing the bonnet of a pink car with cloth. Another shows a hand and cloth washing a car, while a third depicts a woman dabbing the tears from her eyes with a disposable paper handkerchief. "For the Busy Hands exhibition the collection is made up from the directions for use for rubber gloves and wiping cloths. Troughout the world there is a genenral consensus about which acts we use a cloth to wipe away the dirt and for those jobs which we prefer to stick our hands into rubber gloves in order to perform."

Eperjesi uses the wrapping material as a photo negative, and this the main point of her purchases is that the plastic film wrapper tiddled with graphics should be suitable in performing the task of negative. The faults that occur during printing, such as slipped images, then appear as new and original elements. The reversed quality of tone the large scale and the complementary world of color all combine to give a special intesity to the pictures.

Eperjesi studied at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in the photo and typographic department. She spent a period of time in 1989 at the Minerva Academy in Holland before returning to Hungary to obtain a master's diploma in the department of visual communication. Her work can be seen in collections all over Hungary, including the Hungarian National Gallery as well as in Sarajevo, at the Obala Center of Art, and the Staadliche Gallery in Halle. She has held solo shows in Budapest, Szombathely, Warsaw, and Hamburg.