Eve M. KAHN: Sweep out the communists..., New York Times, 11. January, 2006

az írás az eredeti helyen

With the collapse of Communism in Hungary in 1989, Agnes Eperjesi, an artist there, began collecting packaging from household products newly imported from Europe or America. From her archive of thousands of sponge wrappers and detergent labels, she has excerpted images of hands cleaning and printed them on tiles made of plexiglass or ceramic. "They're meant to be ironic, not always reminding people of the housework they have to do," said Ms. Eperjesi, who is working in New York but lives mainly in Budapest. The tiles, four or eight inches square, are $45 to $300 at www.eperjesi.hu or via e-mail from Ms. Eperjesi at eper@c3.hu. From Jan. 24 to March 6, the Hungarian Cultural Institute is exhibiting 200 of the tiles; 447 Broadway, fifth floor; (212) 750-4450 or hungariancc.org. EVE M. KAHN