The photogram as a medium of art and education
- Impacts of the Hungarian Avant-Garde Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
conference lecture

The focus of my lecture was the place of photogram in the avant-garde tradition. I explored and pointed out the subtle changes of the photogram as a medium in the course of the avant-garde, neo-avant-garade and post-avant-garde. My enquiries concerned three clearly distinct periods, examining the practice and theory of three Hungarian artists in relation to the photogram: László Moholy-Nagy, Dóra Maurer and myself. For all three of us, the photogram is more than just a tool to carry out an artistic programme; it stands for schemes of educational methodology as well.
With Toivo U Raun Oliver Botar and Magda Dragu at the panel discussion of Visual Arts section
With Toivo U. Raun, Olivér Botár and Magda Dragu at the panel discussion of the Visual Arts section